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Robert H. Forsman Jr. (free speech Bob)

Melanin-impaired, faith-impaired oppressor

Sugar Hill, GA

Purple Frog Software

What About Bob?

I am a Software Engineer for Ericsson. In our Duluth office we create VOD components for content providers and cable companies.


Previous jobs

I am the source of authority for Subdomain registrations are free.

In my copious (NOT!) spare time I develop free software and work on games! Right now I am working on Guitar Hero note charts.

I'm a contributor to the Free Widget Foundation. I am an alumni of the Paradise Netrek project.

Cool Web Stuff I do

Free Software I Have Written

Previous Projects and Other dabblings (which I have pretty much abandoned)

Roughly from most recent to oldest

Content suitable for mainstream proles

For those looking for fun stuff that isn't bizarre, offensive or otherwise unconventional, check out the Bob that is Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved.

Disclaimer/Explicit Prose Parental Advisory

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Robert Forsman / <>

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Purple Frog Software
Well, maybe a little.

Don't bother these guys about me, they'll deny all knowledge of me:

University of Florida
Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering

University of Florida
Research and Graduate Programs

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