Devin the Cat

Oh. It's just you. Make yourself useful and load up my food and water dish. And clean the litterbox. Andy is out playing golf and Bob's watching cartoons and won't respond to my psionic commands.

Now quit sitting on that couch and stand over here and scratch behind my ears. Hey! put me down. I only sit in Andy's lap. Scratch me where I lie. Your comfort is not my concern.

Humans, the only reason I keep you around is because if I kicked you out I'd have to hunt squirrels and cardinals, and I'm getting too old for that.

typical Devin day

Hmm, that blade of grass looks suspicious.

Hey, pink monkey, why are you following me?

Don't make me come over there and pretend to bite your ankle.

Last modified: Wed Oct 4 15:56:28 1995